The best databases of companies in Spain for marketing


The best databases of companies in Spain for marketing actions. We offer you databases for all the commercial actions, marketing actions or communication actions that you need for the Spanish market.

GSAS manages all types of company databases at the Spanish and international level, segmented by activity sectors and geographic location. We also offer you the option of a customized database in case you need more specific records, tell us which sectors of companies in Spain you need and we will generate it for you.

We offer quality databases with updated records for all types of commercial actions, with immediate delivery and with the most competent prices on the market.

We have the database you need for any marketing action both on a small and large scale, always adapting them to your needs.

We also offer you our emailers and landig page design service so that your communication is perfect and that translation is not a problem, if you need a shipping platform we offer you our professional platform.

Base de Datos de Administraciones de Fincas y Gestores de la CC.AA de Andalucía

All business listings come in Excel xlsx, or csv spreadsheet format.


What actions can you perform with the database?

  1. Sending personalized email marketing messages to companies in Spain.
  2. Call actions (call center) to companies in Spain.
  3. SMS / WhatsApp shipments to companies in Spain.
  4. Reports on the distribution of potentials to companies in Spain.
  5. Identify potential companies to companies in Spain.


You will be able to carry out all kinds of marketing actions, commercial, telephone, by fax, by post and of course for email marketing campaigns, without limit of use as many times as you want, to contact companies in Spain.

All the records in our Company Database have been updated in 2021, and continuous and permanent updates are being made adding new company data and updating or correcting the data of the companies that are undergoing modifications.


You can see some of the our data base sectors:

Data base of Legal sector Sep. 2021 79.649
Data base of Lawyers Sep. 2021 46.992
Data base of Tax consultancies Sep. 2021 15.871
Data base of Property administrators Sep. 2021 8.326
Data base of Horeca Oct. 2021 259.615
Data base of Restaurants Oct. 2021 75.725
Data base of Pubs Oct. 2021 111.647
Data base of Veterinary sector Jun. 2021 23.934
Data base of Feeding Jul. 2021 44.907
Data base of Beauty Aug. 2021 106.258
Pharmaceutical sector Sep. 2021 32.194
Data base of Travel agencies Jun. 2021 23.092
Data base of Educatio sector Feb. 2021 53.315
Data base of Transport Mar. 2021 61.775
Data base of Cleaning Sep. 2021 5.200
Data base of Hairdressers May. 2021 75.301
Data base of Music sector Jul. 2021 8.214
Real Estate Agencies Aug. 2021 58.177
Data base of Textile Sector Aug. 2021 25.704
Data base of Gyms and Fitness Centers Apr. 2021 29.043
Data base of Photography Apr. 2021 12.071
Data base of Galleries of art and antiquity Aug. 2021 2.805

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Simple and immediate download

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